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In light of the attention Byron Bay has been receiving lately regarding the problems a certain Netflix show may bring with it, I feel it's the perfect time to solve this Byron Bay brand issue that's causing so much grief.

Byron has always been a beautiful place to live and now we as locals are suffering the consequences of living somewhere highly desirable. The town has undergone a massive shift from accessible long-term rentals to now rampant and unregulated holiday letting. We've seen unreasonable rent hikes and families born and raised in Byron forced out of the area to accommodate more tourists.

I say we take the initiative while the international spotlight is on Byron Bay and take back ownership of the Byron Bay brand. Now is the time to reintroduce commercial whaling to the town.

Now hear me out... Whaling is obviously repugnant and I have no desire to see any harm to any wildlife. But what if we used this horrid association to dampen the flames of rampant tourism and predatory capitalism.

No influencer is going to associate with a town that is pro-whaling. No expansive resort will want to build in a pro-whaling town. A sincere and highly publicised push to reintroduce whaling to Byron Bay might just be disgusting enough to tarnish the over glamourized brand that Byron Bay is now suffering from.

And don't worry about the income for local businesses. This movement anticipates a LOT of protestors descending on the town and they all need to shop somewhere...

Do your part now and sign the petition!
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Posted on: April 22, 2021, 12:24 am
Post ID: 1001638

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